Environmental Risk

Groundwater Modeling

We build numerical groundwater and solute transport models to support projects, as needed, but often because of data gaps we rely on simpler modeling approaches using fundamental principles, and heuristic techniques.

Contaminant Delineation

We delineate zones of contamination by using multiple geochemical lines of evidence to achieve the highest degree of certainty.

For example, as an inexpensive screening tool, we use analyses of the fluorescence of organic matter in water as a surrogate for total concentrations of possible solvent and hydrocarbon contaminants and their degradation byproducts.

We characterize sources of contamination and couple straightforward approaches to delineate contaminant sources and areas of mobilization and degradation by-products in soil, sediment, and groundwater.

Water Chemistry

We conduct independent research to forensically characterize water and distinguish contamination from background chemistry.

We use multiple ratio approaches, statistical methods, geochemical modeling, and isotopic analysis of water and dissolved substances to differentiate source zones.

We can distinguish mixtures of waters, biodegrading compounds and natural attenuation indicators, and loss of contaminants along flow paths and through remediation activities.

These approaches also allow us to resolve the source of organic and inorganic constituents in water. Including differentiating dissolved biogentic and thermogenic methane.

We can distinguish false positive results of human-caused inorganic contamination including arsenic, iron, barium and lead.

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