Expert Scientific Support

Expert Testimony

Each of our senior scientists has over 25 years of scientific research, teaching and consulting experience.

When needed, our experts have testified in local, state and federal courts representing both plaintiff and defense counsel. In addition, they have testified before the United Nations, various international bodies, the United States Senate, the House of Representatives and to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA).

Their experience covers topics from water contamination from solvents, pesticides, hydrocarbons, salts and metals and nutrients. They have expertise in soil and sediment processes, riverine, lake and groundwater hydrology and modeling.

Our senior scientists have substantial expertise in wetland issues, including delineation, restoration, and ecology.

Litigation Support

Not all expert support results in testimony at trial.

Our scientists review scientific and technical documents relevant to disputed, or potentially disputed, matters to provide scientific context, background, and relevant findings.

They specialize in “old school” and modern forensic techniques capable of identifying and measuring case-specific facts that make a difference in outcome.

Once identified, our scientists specialize in communicating the underlying science and its relevance to the case.

Cost Allocation Analysis

In forensic science, the balance lies in a preponderance of evidence.

We are frequently called upon to assist with allocating relative responsibility based on the extent or duration of damage or harm.

Our scientists have assisted clients with negotiated results by providing expert opinions through probability analysis, variable scenario solutions, Monte Carlo simulations and varying allocation schemes. Our years of experience allow us to monetize the short and long-term effects of environmental damage events.

We apply specialized knowledge and techniques to identify the timing of a release, the effects, and manifestation of damage.

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